Loans without a salary – In 15 minutes

  Bank offers the alternative of accessing an immediate financing, without the need to present income support and in a few minutes. Loans without a Bank salary have been designed to allow people who are not subject to credit in financial institutions to get the money they need without major complications, with minimum requirements and

University loans

  The students, especially the university students, are one of the great victims of the economic crisis. In recent years, virtually all indicators of fees and scholarships in higher education have worsened. But to solve the new problems, new solutions have also emerged, such as online mini-loans from companies such as , which can

Urgent Loans Online in your account today

For those who are looking for immediate financing to help them cope with a liquidity problem, Credy’s urgent loans are the easiest and fastest solution currently available in the market to have cash. Granted through a simplified process that is carried out 100% online, these urgent online loans are the newest alternative offered by Credy

Do not penalize shopping for a loan

Credit rating agencies measure the financial health of millions of Dutch people. Their scores determine whether you qualify for a telephone or energy subscription, a loan, credit card or mortgage. As soon as you buy something on payment, it is predicted how great the chance is that you do not pay. Those scores are opinions;

Savings or mortgage loan repayments?

At times when savings rates are low, it is less attractive to put your money in a savings account. There are several alternatives that you can consider, such as paying off your mortgage. But what is the reason for low savings rates and what are the advantages and disadvantages of paying off your mortgage? Save