Finding the right bank to apply for a mortgage or loans is not always easy, you have to compare the interests, the tan and taeg, understand if it is really reliable and do exhausting research. That’s why today I’ll tell you about Bank so that you have a clear and broader view of the banks on the web that you could rely on. We will see what types of online loans are offered for you and your family, and what customers think about it, through their comments, opinions and reviews on the internet.

Bank: is it reliable? All services offered

First let’s talk a bit about the bank and get to know it better. It is a financial company specializing in family credit for the purchase of goods for private use, provides credits, savings and insurance products. It is 100% owned by BNP Paribas Personal Finance, part of the BNP Paribas Group, the European leader in consumer credit. Founded in 1984 in Florence thanks to major banks, over time it has grown more and more, improving the services offered and expanding. Today it is a real online bank that offers loans, cards, mortgages, deposit and current accounts and insurance as well as credit services. You can manage your accounts or your cards directly from the website and carry out some operations that will simplify your life such as paying the ACI stamp, paying bills, replenishing your mobile phone, paying the Bank installments and much more.

So, is Bank reliable? From what I have been able to ascertain from the website I can say that this bank seems very transparent and serious, the online services offered are safe and secure but the financial company warns you of some dangers that everyone can meet on the internet, so do not disclose never private information to anyone and activate the OTP service for virtual purchases.

Bank online loans and interests: cheap tan and taeg?

On the Bank website you can find many types of loans online , for the home, for vehicles, for leisure or for other projects. You can calculate the estimate and the monthly rate on the web by entering the necessary information in the form, or the amount you need and the amount you would like to pay monthly, then you will be offered some alternatives to choose from. As an example: for € 60,000, the minimum payment proposed is € 827 per month with a fixed rate of 9.45% and a fixed rate of 9.87%. While if you intend to make a purchase more content, a loan of € 5,000 you can repay it with minimum installments of € 74.50 per month for 96 months, the lower the monthly payment, however, the higher the interest payable.

To apply for a loan you must have between 18 and 75 years of age, demonstrable income, residency in Italy and the holder of a current account. You can choose the installment online through the appropriate form but know that the maximum amount you can request is € 60,000 with a minimum payment of € 150 per month. Once you have sent your data to the online calculator, you will receive a quick response and sign the contract with Digital Signature.

Bank reviews, comments and customer reviews

On Bank on the web I found many conflicting opinions and comments , many people are satisfied with the service received and never encountered problems, but others complain about some inconvenience especially after the insolvency of some installments. My advice, therefore, is to think well before applying for a mortgage or a loan, contingencies can always happen, but if you know from the beginning that you may have difficulty paying installments, then you should think twice to avoid have problems later. The rest of the reviews read are very positive and if you are a diligent customer, you will never have any problems.


Here I leave you a video guide to learn about the products of financing and insurance to learn more and do not leave unprepared when you have to approach the bank online.


If you need loans online and want to know since the interest rates right away, you should take a look at the site of Bank bank and try to calculate the monthly payment with a fixed APR and tan. The opinions and reviews read on the web suggest me that this is a reliable , transparent and clear financial, in any case if you have already experienced it, write in the comments expressing your thoughts.


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