I received today’s notice of payment of Equitalia for 9 tax assessments with notification date between 2005 and 2010, I am almost sure that they are in limitation as they concern INPS debts (5-year prescription) and road fines (5-year prescription) and car stamps (prescription 3 years, since the only interruption that I remember and I have evidence of is an administrative arrest performed on 01/2011, so even this more than 5 years ago.

My question is the following, if I ask Equitalia to access the files for the related folders from these you see any other acts interrupting the prescription? Because it seems impossible to me that the agency can show them as “jolly” only when it goes before the judge.

They talked about the long time to get these documents, but how much time do I have available to appeal against the request for payment?

If these are the times I would be forced to act almost blindly by legal means (because of the times) and then maybe see me face an interrupting act of the prescription maybe deposited in the house of the town of which I was not aware.

But why in the excerpts do not insert the dates of the last USEFUL notification to keep the folder alive?

Sorry if I was a bit confusing, but I do not find anyone who clears my mind.

The notice of intimation is notified when at least one year has passed from the notification of a folder or other notice. It is clear, therefore, that Equitalia has already considered, for some time, the tax assessments that are being discussed (as always, attention to the possible complete inventory at the post office).

Without going too far into the discussion, it should be added that the prescription of a tax assessment notice must be raised before the competent court within certain time periods starting from the date of notification of the tax notice, terms that vary depending on the nature of the defaulted credit that originated registration in the role (administrative sanctions, tax and local taxes, social security contributions).

At this point there are two possibilities: either the tax assessments have been correctly notified and you are out of time to object to anything. Or there were defects of notification and then, assuming that only with the notification of the notice of intimation you have actually become aware of the presumed acts (the tax forms), you are still in time to be able to propose opposition.

The node, therefore, is dissolved by going to the offices of the Concessionaire of the collection and asking for a copy of the notification notices of the deeds (tax forms, notices of intimations, notices of mortgage registration and / or administrative detention) addressed to her in recent years . The requested documentation is released on sight (unless exceptional cases).

The problem to which she refers (act through legal means almost blindly) arises, however, when an administrative appeal is made (in self-defense) and the requested authority does not respond (in terms of acceptance or rejection of the request) in terms useful to proceed with the judicial appeal. But, this is another story.