Online loans have become very popular in a very short time. Although almost everyone knows them, you may not yet have a clear idea of ​​how they work, their advantages and their limitations. In this short article we review all of them. Take note.

Operation of Internet loans

The operation of this type of loans is very simple, at least in the portal of Bank.com.ar . These are, in broad strokes, the phases of the application and return process of a quick loan:

  1. I chose the amount of money that you want to request and the period of time in which you want to return that amount plus the management expenses.
  2. Fill out the form that you will access after pressing the ‘Get’ button. It is a simple form in which you will have to indicate your name, your address, your source of income or your bank account number, something essential, as you will see in the next step.
  3. Wait for Bank.com.ar to accept your request. When we give you the OK, your money will be transferred to the indicated bank account in the course of a few minutes.
  4. Use the money for whatever you want: it can be an online purchase, a transfer to another account, cash withdrawal at an ATM, etc.
  5. I returned the money plus the management expenses, according to the conditions indicated to you at the time of approval. Each lender has their own collection methods.

Advantages of online loans

The advantages of online loans are obvious, against which bank loans can not compete. This is a short list of the benefits of applying for a loan of money through a portal like ours:

  • More comfortable : you do not need to go to any bank office or any physical establishment. If you have a computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet with Internet connection, you already have everything you need to benefit from a credit of this type. Our loans are processed remotely, in all phases, from the request to the reception and return. This means a saving of time and money, since it will not be necessary to make any kind of movement.
  • More universal : bank loans always have many restrictions, whether by level of income, economic history or lack of documentation. However, these quick personal loans are open to most people. It is enough to be 18 years old, a bank account and a demonstrable income to be able to enjoy them. These are some points where bank loans and Internet loans differ substantially:
    • Veraz : in Bank, having a negative truth is not enough reason to deny a credit. Therefore, an important door is opened to many people.
    • Salary receipt : on our website, it is not essential to have a salary receipt . In fact, a loan can be granted if the applicant shows other income, such as a pension.
  • Very safe : our portal is protected by DMCA, one of the most prestigious Internet security companies. This means that any type of transaction carried out on our website is encrypted with SSL encryption.
  • Great privacy : even though personal data is provided in the phase of the form, these will always be treated and guarded according to the laws in force, as you can see in this section of the Privacy Policy .
  • Trusted : although they are not bank loans, most portals dedicated to fast cash loans are backed by important financial groups, with extensive experience in other international markets. In the case of Bank, our group also operates in such demanding countries as Spain, Czech Republic or Poland, among others.

Limitations of online loans

It is true that online loans have certain limitations, as is logical, although these limitations are not an inconvenience but rather a particularity that makes the operation and the advantages indicated above possible. These limitations are mainly:

  • Short return period : in all the portals of personal loans online , the term for the return of the loan is always short, usually less than one month. At Bank, this term has a maximum limit of 30 days. In any case, in the arc of 1 to 30 days, the client can select the time that best suits their preferences, so there is great flexibility.
  • Amount to receive : Internet loans are called ‘microloans’ in many countries. This is so because the quantities are always small. In our case, from our web portal you can request between $ 1000 and $ 5000, which is a sufficient amount to meet many daily expenses or even to make small investments for professionals or small businesses.