Bank offers the alternative of accessing an immediate financing, without the need to present income support and in a few minutes. Loans without a Bank salary have been designed to allow people who are not subject to credit in financial institutions to get the money they need without major complications, with minimum requirements and in an easy and fast way. These loans without requirements are a great alternative to get cash immediately, without delays.

The procedure is very simple and you do not need to go to any banking agency to do it. It is possible to carry out the process from anywhere in the country; just enter the web from a device with internet connection and indicate the amount you want and the deadline for its return. In this way, obtaining loans without a salary receipt with Veraz is becoming the option most demanded by Argentines.

The advantage of asking for loans without a salary

This novel way of financing presents many advantages for the applicant; the two main ones: it is not necessary to submit a salary receipt as income support and the whole process can be done using an internet connection.
The process through which these loans are delivered without Bank’s salary receipt is based on trust, therefore, it is not necessary to have proof of income when requesting them. In addition, it is not an obstacle for the user to have a negative background in financial matters, nor is it necessary to have a credit history to be granted.

In order to make the process more dynamic, Bank’s online loans are managed from home through a device with an internet connection. These loans without online salary are processed using the full power of the technology through the network and without having to leave the home. In this way, the money can be disbursed immediately since management times are shortened.

How to get a loan without a salary?

Accessing this type of loan with Veraz Negative is today a possibility for all Argentines. The current economic situation demands more efficient options to bring financial products closer to the population and Bank makes this possible through this innovative online financing alternative.

How can I get a loan without a salary?

It is very easy to process a loan with Bank; you only need to enter your website through a personal computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection and choose any of the financing alternatives that are presented, offered by the borrowers.

Start the process of the loans without salary, online

Once you have chosen the most appropriate financing plan, you must fill in the form with your personal information and the number of your bank savings bank so that the disbursement can be made once the process is finished.

Loans without a salary receipt, granted in minutes

In just a few moments you will receive the approval of the requested loan and in the course of the day you will be able to have the money in your savings bank, so that you can use it in whatever you want most.

Requirements to apply for your loan without receiving a salary?

With minimum requirements, the requested loan can be yours in just a few moments. You only need to be of legal age, have your current ID, have the owner’s CBU and register a reference email. Nothing else is needed; With those unique requirements, you are in a position to receive the loans without Bank’s salary.
To guarantee dynamism when granting these loans without online salary, the applicant must have a personal bank account; thus, money can be paid directly, instantly and without delay.

How can I apply for the loan without Bank’s salary receipt?

Applying for loans without a salary receipt in Argentina has never been so easy. No need to go to a banking agency, or make endless lines, or waste time waiting for approval; from the internet and with few requirements, having the cash for your immediate needs is now a reality with Bank.

Find the best loans without a salary receipt in Argentina

The loans with DNI and without Bank’s salary receipt can be processed from this same page or, if you are in Mar del Plata, accessing the following link:
Loans without a salary in Mar del Plata

Only Bank offers you money instantly, without delays and without leaving home; wherever you are, process your loan now and solve your most immediate financing needs with this alternative to traditional bank loans. Whatever your need for cash, Bank helps you get it right away.